Are you an Altar Junkie?

Reaching a High for God – “Be an Altar Junkie!”
Thanks Bro. Walter Bright for this message.

Walter Bright

What is an Altar?

To be sure, I am not referring to the “usually raised structure or place on which sacrifices are offered or incense is burned in worship.” Nor am I referring to the “table on which the eucharistic elements are consecrated or which serves as a center of worship or ritual.”

The Altar has always represented a place of consecration. A place where the worshiper, either at his own will or at the command of God, would either come to lay down all his/her baggage of sins, worship, meet or seek God.

Today in most of our churches, the altar would be that place at the front of the church where people gather for prayer – either to publicly confess Jesus as Savior, receive prayer for healing, consecration for ministry, or Impartation (a word used in many circles).

Unfortunately, altar time in most of our churches is widely…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this posting. It’s emphasis on drawing near to the Lord is a very important point. May we all seek to draw near to the Lord (whether by use of the altar in church or in any other quiet place we can find. Lord bless.

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